apex legends new characters

Apex Legends New Characters And Abilities Are Coming, Leak Reveals

As you’d expect from any game that can rival titles such as Fortnite, fans carrying out in depth datamining is going to be a given. Apex legends falls und...

Call Of Duty 2019 campaign details

Call Of Duty 2019 Is Set To Include A Campaign Mode, Activision Confirms

Call Of Duty 2019 campaign – here’s what we know News has emerged that the next instalment to Call of Duty Black ops 4, currently known as Call Of D...

apex legends cross platform support

Apex Legends Cross Platform Capabilities – Here’s What We Know So Far

As of now Apex Legends Cross platform capabilities are a little hazy, but with so many people asking if they can play between Xbox/PS4/PC we thought we’d ...

Apex legends guide

Apex Legends Wiki Guide

Welcome to our Apex Legends Guide, your one place to find hints, tips, tactics and how-to’s as we find them for the new battle royale title. Getting start...

PlayStation Plus February 2019

PlayStation Plus February 2019 Includes For Honor & Hitman – Free Now!

Not only has the news arisen that all PlayStation Plus subscribers now have 100GB cloud storage as standard, but the PlayStation Plus February 2019 lineup has a...

Xbox Games With Gold Feb 2019

Xbox Games With Gold Feb 2019 – Assassin’s Creed Rogue & More Free

There’s not long left now until players can get their free downloads for Feb, and specifically the Games With Gold Feb 2019 lineup is set to include Super...

Far Cry New Dawn gameplay

Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay Info Reveals Weapon Crafting And More

Far Cry New Dawn gameplay details emerge In a tweet that emerged on Monday, Ubisoft revealed the details of some new Far Cry New Dawn gameplay. The Tweet consis...

Rocket League full cross platform

Rocket League Full Cross Platform Play Now Available For every Platform

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, the guys have been able to confirm the news we’ve all been waiting to hear for a while now; Rocket League full cross pl...

Division 2 Epic Games Store

The Division 2 Epic Game Store Release Deals A Blow To Steam

It certainly looks like Epic is stepping up its game in an ongoing battle with Valve for sales of titles on PC, that is after it came to talks with Ubisoft to t...

Marvels Spiderman next dlc

Marvel’s Spiderman Next DLC? Marvel Teases Something ‘Fantastic’

Could we be seeing the Marvels Spiderman next DLC? With the City That never Sleeps DLC releasing it’s final episode last month, it looks like Insomniac ga...

Playing With Spirit Power smash bros

Playing With Spirit Power Is Smash Bros Ultimate’s Next Spirit Event

With the most recent Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mario spirit event still feeling like it was yesterday, it looks as though Nintendo are already to smash out thei...

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Review – A Terrifying Remaster Of A PS1 Classic

Being a player in my twenties I’m one of the lucky bunch who was around to play the original Resident Evil 2 title. Okay writing this Resident Evil 2 Rema...

8 Great
Pokemon Let's Go review

Pokemon Let’s Go Review – A Remastered Nostalgic Masterpiece

As someone old enough to remember playing the original three Pokemon games for Game Boy back in the nineties, it’s super refreshing to see a remaster that...

9 Amazing
Qpad QH-90 Headset Review

Qpad QH-90 Headset Review – Step Aside Razer, Qpad Is On Your Tail!

Qpad QH-90 Headset Review It’s always fun to review new and unknown brands. They are like blank sheets in front of you, absolutely no expectations what so ever ...

8 Great
Forza Horizon 4 Xbox One Review

Forza Horizon 4 Xbox One Review – Best Arcade Racer Ever?

Forza Horizon 4 Xbox One Review I and all Xbox fans have been anticipating Forza Horizon 4. It’s the better in my opinion of the two Forza franchises with its a...

8 Great

Dead Cells Review – Not as Dead As The Title Suggests!

My Switch has opened a huge amount of opportunities for ‘Metroid-Vania’ type games like Dead Cells. It’s probably full of that genre more than...

4.5 Poor
call of duty black ops 4 review

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Review – Multiplayer Like Nothing Seen Before

call of duty black ops 4 review Another year, another Cod. This time the parade being conducted by Treyarch, creators of the Black Ops series, World At War and ...

7.5 Good
Assassin's Creed Odyssey review

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey review – As Repetitious As It Is Beautiful

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Review – Warning contains spoilers! Considering Ubisoft made the setting for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is Ancient Gree...

9.1 Amazing
Misfolded Game Review Cover

Misfolded Game Review – Not Everything Is Always As It Seems!

Misfolded Game review We were fortunate enough to get hands on with this unusual yet intriguing title, and now we’ve dived into the game a little more and...

8 Great

Broforce PS4 Review – Don’t Be Let Down By The Graphics Of This Gem

Here at Starstruck gaming we have always stood by that graphics don’t make the game, they may help with the depth of a game and help pull you deeper in bu...

8 Great
Tusker Commodore 64 Review

Tusker Commodore 64 Review – A Puzzler Ahead Of Its Time

So here we are Star Struck fans we have catapulted ourselves back to 1989 with the use of a delorean and the editors plutonium powered underpants to look at a t...

3.5 Bad
Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Review

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Review – Still Very Strong A Week After Release

Honestly, where do I begin with the best game I’ve played this year aside from god Of War. Spiderman PS4 is truly something special. Gameplay is awesome, ...

9.5 Amazing
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apex legends map

Apex Legends Map Guide

Kings Canyon is one of the more unique maps among the most recent battle royale games today. The Apex Legends map has a variety of segmented areas which could a...

Anthem Easter Egg, Secrets, and Cheats Unlock Requirements Guide

As we dig deeper into the release of Anthem, we’ll update this page with all of the Anthem Easter Egg locations, cheat codes and secrets as they are disco...

Anthem cross platform play

Anthem Cross Platform Play Guide – And Everything We Know So Far

When Anthem launches on February 22nd or readily available for those on the Anthem early access bandwagon, the question many players are asking is whether Anthe...

Anthem early access release

Anthem Early Access Release Guide – Preload Details How To Play NOW

If you were one of the players to jump on one of the early Anthem demos, the good news is the Anthem early access release is here right now. The space based sho...

Anthem Wiki Guide

  Everything else Anthem early access release schedule Anthem Easter Eggs and cheats guide

apex Legends weapons guide

Apex Legends Weapons Guide – The Best Firearms You Need Right Now

Apex Legends is taking the gaming player base by storm, that’s pretty much certain. Respawn’s spanking new Battle Royale title is definitely on the ...

best apex legends landing spots

The Best Apex Legends Landing Spots And Locations Guide

Like any Battle Royale title, knowing the places to land when you first begin a match is going to give you somewhat of an advantage over other players. KingR...

Apex Legends Roadmap 2019 – Battle Pass,Seasons & Everything Else

Much like the reveal last year of the Shadow of The Tomb Raider roadmap from last year, the Apex Legends roadmap gives us a better idea of what to look forward ...

Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4 prerequisites

Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4 Is Coming, Here’s How To unlock Stages 2 & 3

Once you’re at the point of completing enough challenges, the Fortnite Prisoner Stages are completely optional to unlock, if you do manage to unlock them ...

Fortnite Guide And Wiki – Weekly Challenges, Crafting, Secrets & More

In addition to gathering materials and constructing them, players are tasked with using resources to increase their combat abilities in a quest to broaden their...

apex legends crashing constantly

Apex Legends Crashing Constantly? 10 Fixes To Get Back Into The Game

It’s no surprise that Apex Legends has run into a few teething problems in the past week since launch, every game has its hiccups to begin with. Whether y...

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