Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 DLC

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 DLC (The Heist) Is Coming Next Week

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 DLC brings The Heist It’s certainly not long now until the first Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 DLC launches, and it’s ...

National Video Game Museum

Next Month Will See New UK Video Game Museum Open To The Public

A new video game museum? Okay then It’s not everything to play and be awesome at video games, do you ever think about the history, politics, artistic and ...

PS4 messages brick cover image

PS4 Messages Brick Now Resolved, Sony Has Communicated

PS4 Messages Brick Should Be Resolved During the last couple of days or so there have been several reports of players PS4 consoles being rendered unusable, spec...

Black Ops 4 launch sales

CoD Black ops 4 Launch Sales Are The Worst We’ve Seen In Ten Years

Black Ops 4 launch sales feel the pinch Following the announcement last week that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey sales were down in comparison to Origins last w...

games coming out this week - dark souls remastered

Check Out The Games Coming Out This Week – October 15 – 19 2018

Our big list of games coming out this week is here Most weeks we have a small amount of games that we’ll let you know about, but as we head into the final...

For Honor Marching Fire DLC featured

For Honor Marching Fire DLC Vid Shows Polished Graphics & New Heroes

For Honor Marching Fire DLC As we saw announced at the Ubisoft E3  conference this year, the For Honor Marching Fire DLC is looking to add a host of new feature...

command and conquer remaster- generals

Command And Conquer Remaster Possible For 25th Anniversary

Could a Command And Conquer Remaster be on the cards? A Command And Conquer Remaster could be well within the reach of fans as EA discreetly announce that it ma...

Get CoD Black Ops 4 Free With Cod And Chips Today With Uber Eats

CoD Black Ops 4 free with cod and chips Thank cod it’s friday! Nothing says Friday like fish and chips, especially when that fish and chips comes with a b...

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey review

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey review – As Repetitious As It Is Beautiful

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Review – Warning contains spoilers! Considering Ubisoft made the setting for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is Ancient Gree...

9.1 Amazing
Misfolded Game Review Cover

Misfolded Game Review – Not Everything Is Always As It Seems!

Misfolded Game review We were fortunate enough to get hands on with this unusual yet intriguing title, and now we’ve dived into the game a little more and...

8 Great

Broforce PS4 Review – Don’t Be Let Down By The Graphics Of This Gem

Here at Starstruck gaming we have always stood by that graphics don’t make the game, they may help with the depth of a game and help pull you deeper in bu...

8 Great
Tusker Commodore 64 Review

Tusker Commodore 64 Review – A Puzzler Ahead Of Its Time

So here we are Star Struck fans we have catapulted ourselves back to 1989 with the use of a delorean and the editors plutonium powered underpants to look at a t...

3.5 Bad
Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Review

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Review – Still Very Strong A Week After Release

Honestly, where do I begin with the best game I’ve played this year aside from god Of War. Spiderman PS4 is truly something special. Gameplay is awesome, ...

9.5 Amazing
jurassic world evolution review

Jurassic World Evolution Review – A T-Rex Is Only The Beginning

One thing I have learned from playing Jurassic World Evolution is that there are a heck of a lot more species of dinosaurs than I knew about as a kid. Guess I n...

9 Amazing
two point hospital review featured

Two Point Hospital Review – Theme Hospital Just Got Brought Back To Life

If you were fortunate enough to be a PC gamer in the days where Theme Hospital played seamlessly on your PC, then Two point Hospital will certainly rekindle a n...

8 Great
playlink knowledge is power

PlayLink Knowledge Is Power PS4 Review – How’re Your Trivia Moves?

With PlayLink Knowledge Is Power being free on PlayStation Plus this month I thought it’d be a great opportunity for me to take one of the monthly free ga...

8 Great

Kids Video Games – Where It all Began – Star Struck Gaming

In the times of the 8-bit generation of gaming there was a level playing field of games from shooters to puzzles and most of these were aimed at the older gamer...

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Blackout Call Of Duty screenshot

Blackout Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Guide To Be The Last Man Standing

Blackout Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 – getting started The Blackout Call of Duty mode could potentially be the first time getting stuck in with a battle roy...

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Guide – Sailing, Combat System & Mercenaries

It didn’t take very long for Ubisoft to put the gears in motion into making the next instalment in the Assassin’s Creed series. In Assassin’s ...

Sea Of Thieves Forsaken Shores guide

Sea Of Thieves Forsaken Shores Guide – Devil’s Roar Commendations

The next DLC update to Sea Of Thieves has finally arrived, and its set to deliver one of the biggest updates yet. I guess it should with the update being over 5...

with great power trophy spiderman ps4

A Rare With Great Power Trophy Is Hidden In Spider-Man PS4 – Here It Is

If you’ve already been swinging between buildings in Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 then you’ll be more than familiar with ho easy most trophies are ...

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