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Hey Star Struck Gaming fans we have thrown the editors underpants into the nuclear reactor and been ...[Read More]

Sega 32X Console Review – The Sega Addon Everybody Needed To Have

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Sega Mega Drive Mega CD Review – Did It ever Take Off?

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How To Level Up FAST in Assassin’s Creed Origins

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God Of War Not Full Screen Display? Here’s How To Fix It

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Thanos Just Dropped An Infinity Gauntlet In Fortnite, Have You Found it?

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Super Nintendo Review – The Magic Little Box Of Awesome

It’s star date 11.4.1992 after using our ship the UK SS Enterprise we have managed to sling shot round the sun and arrive at Nintendo HQ as they relea...

Sea Of Thieves Hungering Deep Update Reels Players Into Shore

The Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep update sounds Mega..lodon From what we’ve seen, heard, and been teased from the Sea of thieves website, the ne...

The Wolf Among Us Season 2 Has Been Delayed Until 2019, Here’s Why

Telltale games’ original plan was to launch The Wolf Among Us Season 2 towards the end of 2018, but we’re now going to have to wait until ...