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Anthem Update 1.0.3 Just Released with Some Very Welcome Changes

It looks as though the devs at BioWare are going to be releasing quite a significant update this evening which can see some very key in-game improvements. The Anthem Update 1.0.3 is set to go live bet...[Read More]


Anthem PS4 Crash Issues – EA Is Asking Its Players To Report The Error

Anthem has come into the firing line after recent hard PS4 crash incidents were reported – and as of now EA wants players to get in contact to report them. After reports were on the rise, last n...[Read More]

anthem loot drop changes

Anthem Loot Drop Changes – High Level Drop Chances Are Given A Boost

According to a recent update communicated by EA, there have been “some notable changes to the loot drop rate”, what the Anthem loot drop changes are is dug-into further down. How to apply ...[Read More]

anthem loot boxes

Anthem Loot Boxes Get Much Needed Mechanics Makeover

Put your hands in the air if you love loot boxes (I’m guessing nobody just did that), but I reckon I speak for the majority to say everyone likes in-game loot. Unfortunately the in-game Anthem l...[Read More]