Kris Smith

Kris Smith

Atari Jaguar Console Review – Did The The Leap To 64 Bit Gaming Work?

Hey Star Struck Gaming fans we have thrown the editors underpants into the nuclear reactor and been blasted back to Atari HQ to witness one of the most surprising failures in Console history – the Atari Jaguar console. We arrive in 1994 as Atari release the Atari Jaguar with its awesome name, it’s sleek black body and the first console to have 64 bit power what could possibly go wrong ...[Read More]

Sega 32X Console Review – The Sega Addon Everybody Needed To Have

It’s January 1995 Electricity crackles through the air and wind whips around the parked trucks a ball of Energy appears and out of it the Star Struck 800 sent back to establish exactly what the hell happened at Sega when the Sega 32x console was released and what went wrong. More than just another add-on? The 32x was another add on for the Sega Megadrive which plugged directly into the cartridge s...[Read More]

Double Dragon Sega Mega Drive – Ready For An Old School Beat Em Up?

Welcome back Star Struck Gaming fans,we are going back to 1987 when 3 men and a baby and fatal attraction were riding high in the box office and living on a prayer and u2 with or without you were peaking in the charts it’s also the same year a genre defining best em up was released – Double Dragon Sega Mega Drive. Defining beat em ups as we know it Double Dragon Sega Mega Drive is a si...[Read More]

Sega Mega Drive Mega CD Review – Did It ever Take Off?

It’s spring 1993 a blinding flash appears above the London sky followed by what looks like trails of fire that light up the night sky, what is it people ask, an alien arrival, a comet or an early firework no Its the Star Struck team arriving to do another vintage console story. So while we hide from local law enforcement at the same time trying to remember where we parked we shall commence the rev...[Read More]

EA E3 2018 Announcements Were OK – Will Their New Games Stack Up?

The first show of E3 has been and gone with the EA E3 2018 Announcements in Hollywood, it seemed rather a small affair with a moderate crowd in attendance, but did the quality of the reveals make this small crowd make a lot of noise? well sometimes yes sometimes no, so read on as we take you through what EA has in store over the coming months. Battlefield 5 Battlefield 5 was always going to make a...[Read More]

E3 2018 Date Finally Arrives – Will Amazon’s Spoiler List Be Correct?

A year has nearly passed and we are due to arrive shortly at what should be the pinnacle of the gaming calendar, the holy grail of gaming events, that one that  gives you the same feeling as putting on an old pair of jeans and finding a ten pound note in your pocket we – are of course referring to E3 2018 date in Los Angeles. The E3 2018 Date Finally Arrives As I write this article we are 1 ...[Read More]



Far Cry 5 – An Explosive, Wild, Open-World Beast Of A Game

Hi Star Struck fans and welcome to a review of one of the most amazing open world shooting, story driven games I have ever had the privilege to play….this is Far Cry 5. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun this game is and this review will probably not do it the justice it deserves but I will try my best. Working your way up the hunter’s ladder You start as a rookie deputy sheriff a...[Read More]

Super Nintendo Review – The Magic Little Box Of Awesome

It’s star date 11.4.1992 after using our ship the UK SS Enterprise we have managed to sling shot round the sun and arrive at Nintendo HQ as they release their answer to the Sega Megadrive… Nintendo wanted to capitalise on their highly successful NES and needed to bring something special to the fight as Sega had struck a massive blow with the Megadrive. The Super Nintendo was a grey sleek looking c...[Read More]



God Of War God Of War PS4 Game Review – Thor Can Hand Over His Hammer Now

Hi Star Struck fans with the E3 expo just around the corner we are going to take you in to a world that was shown at E3 last year, the world of the God Of War PS4 game. So I suppose your expecting the obvious from this review, the usual rant about how the graphics are amazing, the world is awesome, the gameplay is slicker than an oiled up Snake, even though all this is true I will get into more de...[Read More]



Sea of Thieves Sea Of Thieves Review – Is It All It’s Kraken Up To Be?

Good day Star Struck followers today we are going to give you maybe one of the deepest reviews we have ever done of a game that has been 3 years in the making,today we review Sea of Thieves. You may recall a pre-review I did of the Beta and how it was gearing up to be brilliant, and how we had only scratched the surface of what was coming. So did Rare fulfil their promise of an epic, exciting, fun...[Read More]



Goldeneye Goldeneye Nintendo 64 Review – Ready The Golden Gun

Good Day, gamers we have synchronised watches and infiltrated a top development studio at a moment in time where it was about to release a game that would establish itself as one of the greatest of all time. As the Star Struck Gaming editor (Craig) takes advantage of our time travelling and runs off to warn the gaming world about loot boxes it’s down to me to review this classic. It’s August...[Read More]

Sea of Thieves – Here’s What You’ll Get For Your Hard Earned Treasure

Good day, afternoon, evening or good night to you Star Struck gaming fans and welcome to a Sea of Thieves teaser. Setting sail from the early days I have been playing Sea of Thieves since its first early access when it was closely guarded and hidden Behind an NDA (non disclosure agreement). A time when you had unlimited cannon balls and bullets for your pistol and the only things available were tr...[Read More]