playstation VR Worlds Games Review

Like many of the gamers out there that invested their hard-earned cash into getting a PlayStation VR, I obviously installed the VR demo available from the PlayStation Store to test out some of the VR ...

7.5 Good

Job Simulator VR Review

Before I ventured into the world of the PlayStation VR I had previously seen a few snippets of the Job Simulator title from the HTC Vive – from what I saw I was intrigued to say the least. If you have...

7 Good

Batman Arkham VR Review PSVR

Do you know what the biggest issue with the PlayStation VR is if you don’t already have one? It’s the fact that there’s nowhere (at present) to actually try the device out – that is, unless you have a...

8.5 Great

The Inpatient

Set in the Until Dawn universe, The Inpatient is a horror game with psychological elements that takes you back to the Blackwood Sanatorium in the 1950s.

8.5 Great

The Inpatient The Inpatient Review PSVR

I don’t think there has been a VR game yet that has made me yelp out in sheer terror more than my initial experience of The Inpatient! The wait is finally over After waiting for The Inpatient to...

8.5 Great
The Lost Bear

The Lost Bear PSVR Review

If stepping your way through the woods filled with buzzing bees in honey trees, staying out of the way of beasts lurking in the shadows, and doing all of this from the comfort of an armchair (put the ...

8 Great

Shooty Fruity PSVR Review

If you love the idea of new VR experiences, Shooty Fruity is definitely one game you don’t want to miss! Getting to grips As with any VR game (or any game at all in fact) Shooty Fruity offers a ...

9 Amazing

Spider-Man Homecoming The VR Experience Review

If the idea of taking the role as Peter Parker and then becoming Spider-Man in a VR experience doesn’t excite you, then stop reading here. On the other hand, if Spiderman VR sounds like your ide...

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