new video games coming out persistence vr

This Week’s New Video Games Coming Out For PS4, Xbox And Switch

If you’ve stumbled across our article listing this week’s¬†new video games coming out then the likelihood is you’re looking for something new to play or you’re just here to see ...

ps4 6.0 update

A Massive PS4 6.0 Update Is Imminent – And Sony Needs YOU To Test It

PS4 players haven’t seen much in the way of firmware updates since the 5.50 patch launched back in March, the PS4 6.0 update however is set to be a whole different ball game. Due to the update o...

5 New Game Releases You May Have Missed Coming Out This Week

Over the last month or so its been fairly quiet in terms of new game releases coming to our console and PC screens, most of what we’ve seen have instead been remasters other than Sonic Mania Plu...

best ps4 exclusives Uncharted collection

9 Of The Best PS4 Exclusives You Need To Play In 2018

We all have our own view on which games fall within our list of the best PS4 exclusives that are readily available to us right now, and you may or may not agree that our top 10 includes all of your fa...

playstation plus free games list July 2018

PlayStation Plus Free Games List July 2018 Has Been Revealed

Did someone say it’s getting hot in here or was it just the¬†playstation plus free games list for July that’s heating things up? Either way the free games have been revealed and this month ...

xbox live games with gold july 2018

Xbox Live Games With Gold July 2018 List Of Games Is Here

Things are certainly getting hotter as we make our way through the British summer, and the same goes for the Xbox live games with gold July 2018 free games list – there’s some hot titles c...

e3 2018 confirmed games spiderman

Star Struck Gaming’s The Best Of E3 2018 Confirmed Games

With E3 2018 now feeling like a distant memory gamers can now look forward to the E3 2018 confirmed games, putting preorders down for the most anticipated upcoming games of this year and 2019. All the...

nintendo e3 2018 highlights super smash bros ultimate

Nintendo E3 2018 Highlights – 5 Game Titles That Round Up E3 Perfectly

With E3 2018 finally coming towards it’s closing stages, the Nintendo E3 2018 highlights are in. We’ve put together a list of six of the best games that were announced during the presentat...

e3 2018 playstation conference

E3 2018 PlayStation Conference Sets The Console Exclusives Bar Soaring

Those of us who stayed up until 2AM BST to watch the E3 2018 PlayStation conference will know about the buzz gamers received when some of the game reveals were portrayed in front of us, and in compari...

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