Sea Of Thieves: The Hungering Deep DLC – Here’s All You Need To Know

This update sounds Mega..lodon From what we’ve seen, heard, and been teased, the new update looks to bring us a spanking new AI fear factor to fellow pirates. Specifically a cycloptic pirate tells the tale of a terrifying creature that can take down an entire galleon with just one bite – the only way to satisfy this creature’s hunger is via a blood sacrifice. Any volunteers!? A f...[Read More]

Are We Going To See A New Star Fox Game? Whispers Suggest We Might

It’s rapidly becoming common knowledge that a new Star Fox racing spin-off might be in the works following leaked info from Nintendo’s Retro Studios, I for one would be in the queue for a release in the foreseeable future. If its online it must be true? hopefully… There were a few slips that made their way onto both Reddit forums and 4chan, and have since been a discussion point ...[Read More]

Thanos Just Dropped An Infinity Gauntlet In Fortnite, Have You Found it?

Before we get into the nitty gritty, in a nutshell, if you’re a Fortnite player than you just need to know one thing – Thanos has landed. Here’s what’s happening The likelihood is if you’re already a Fortnite player than you will already know about the exciting news that everyone’s been talking about at the beginning of this week. For everyone else listen up. Fr...[Read More]

Psst! Here’s Your Xbox Games With Gold May 2018 List Of Free Games!

It might not feel like May is upon us tomorrow, but rest assured the guys at Microsoft have kept us in mind as they announce the Games With Gold May 2018 free games for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Read on to find out the list of free games you can pickup from May 1st for your Xbox One and Xbox 360.   Xbox One Super Mega Baseball 2 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Xbox 360 Vanquish Sega Vintage...[Read More]

Having Issues Displaying God Of War In Full screen? Here’s How To Fix It

Playing a PlayStation exclusive is exciting enough when you’ve got a PS4 Pro and a TV to output the game to 4K. But the last thing I expected when I started up God Of War was that it wasn’t going to output and fill my screen with the gore and action provided with the game. Playing god Of War in full screen – it’s an easy fix I initially tweeted PlayStation support but manag...[Read More]

How To Level Up FAST in Assassin’s Creed Origins

Okay I get it, Assassin’s Creed Origins has been around for a few months now so by no means is it a new game, that’s not to say it isn’t stunningly pleasing or an enjoyable title though. Some might argue that it’s repetitive or dead in the water with some of the games coming out, and that might be because they can’t be bothered to level up in order to play some of the...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus April 2018 – These Free Games Are Packing some speed

If you’ve already started tucking into those Easter Eggs, why not indulge yourself a little more by treating yourself to some games… oh did I mention they’re all included as part of your PlayStation Plus membership? PS4 Mad Max TrackMania Turbo Q-Bert Rebooted PS3 In Space We Brawl Toy Home Q-Bert Rebooted ¬†PS Vita 99 Vidas Q-Bert Rebooted I’m personally looking forward to ...[Read More]

Xbox Games With Gold April 2018 – Here’s Your List Of Free Games

Well it looks as though Easter Sunday isn’t the only great thing that the 1st of April holds, it’s also the day us Xbox gamers can get downloading the Xbox Games with Gold April 2018 titles. From looking at the least i can say I’ve heard of three of the four revealed titles, with this in mind I always tend to download games I haven’t heard of – I mean c’mon they...[Read More]

7 Female Icons Who Would Make Epic Gaming Characters

As a male gamer in a time where celebrities have such a massive following across social media, television, and across the net, I have at times found myself thinking what certain female celebs could do if they were put into the games we know and love. I’ve listed a mix of my seven favourite female celebs, along with which games would best suit their personalities. 1. Jennifer Lawrence –...[Read More]

Sea of Thieves – Here’s What You’ll Get For Your Hard Earned Treasure

Good day, afternoon, evening or good night to you Star Struck gaming fans and welcome to a Sea of Thieves teaser. Setting sail from the early days I have been playing Sea of Thieves since its first early access when it was closely guarded and hidden Behind an NDA (non disclosure agreement). A time when you had unlimited cannon balls and bullets for your pistol and the only things available were tr...[Read More]

Xbox One Free Games With Gold March 2018 Are Here

If like me you’re stuck in because of this traditional English weather then I’m sure you wouldn’t say no to some free games, specifically free Xbox Games With Gold titles huh!? This month on Gold is providing a bit of a mixture in terms of the games available from something to entertain younger audiences to titles that’ll get the more mature gamer feeling a bit warmer this ...[Read More]

Here’s All The Free PlayStation Plus Games Available In March 2018

This month could be dubbed one of the best months ever for PlayStation Plus subscribers, with two PlayStation exclusives making their way to your library you’d be mad not to take advantage of them. One of the most awesome PS4 exclusives is coming to PlayStation Plus this month, and regardless of whether you’ve got the moves or are able to face the fear factor to actually play the game ...[Read More]

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