Are We Going To See A New Star Fox Game? Whispers Suggest We Might

It’s rapidly becoming common knowledge that a new Star Fox racing spin-off might be in the works following leaked info from Nintendo’s Retro Studios, I for one would be in the queue for a release in the foreseeable future. If its online it must be true? hopefully… There were a few slips that made their way onto both Reddit forums and 4chan, and have since been a discussion point ...[Read More]

Looking forward to Super Mario Odyssey? This music vid will get you in the mood

If you can’t get enough of a decent CGI, especially one that features Mario, then you might wanna check out this music video. The music video focuses on the game’s foot-tapping track; Jump Up Super Star! played within trailers based around Oddysee’s New Donk City. Gamers looking forward to the game release later this month can get in on the piece of the action by watching the mus...[Read More]

5 epic games that need a Nintendo Switch remake

For any gamer there is always that one game you play and absolutely love, you move onto a new console and forget about how great it was. You then realise that you have no way of playing the game unless you get back your old console, which is often a pain. The 5 games in my opinion are a handful of titles that need to be remembered and therefore remastered for the Nintendo Switch. 1. Star Fox Adven...[Read More]

Thinking of buying a Nintendo Switch? Check this out first ***UPDATED***

Let’s be honest, if you’re a gaming fan there’s always going to be an excitement factor when an announcement of a new console is released – especially when that console has a must have game that you know you can’t play on any other console. When the Nintendo Switch was announced I didn’t really take much notice, especially after the failed attempt at the Nintendo Wii U went down the toilet. But fo...[Read More]