PlayStation Plus

Looking For Your PlayStation Plus May 2018 Games? They’re Right Here

With the Xbox Games With Gold May 2018 list being announced, its only natural for the PlayStation plus May 2018 lineup to follow. The difference being that the lineup we’re about to read is a little more exciting than what Xbox have just landed us with! PS4 Beyond Two Souls Rayman Legends PS3 Eat Them Risen 3: Titan Lords PS Vita Furmins King Oddball That’s it for the PlayStation Plus ...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus April 2018 – These Free Games Are Packing some speed

If you’ve already started tucking into those Easter Eggs, why not indulge yourself a little more by treating yourself to some games… oh did I mention they’re all included as part of your PlayStation Plus membership? PS4 Mad Max TrackMania Turbo Q-Bert Rebooted PS3 In Space We Brawl Toy Home Q-Bert Rebooted ¬†PS Vita 99 Vidas Q-Bert Rebooted I’m personally looking forward to ...[Read More]

Here’s All The Free PlayStation Plus Games Available In March 2018

This month could be dubbed one of the best months ever for PlayStation Plus subscribers, with two PlayStation exclusives making their way to your library you’d be mad not to take advantage of them. One of the most awesome PS4 exclusives is coming to PlayStation Plus this month, and regardless of whether you’ve got the moves or are able to face the fear factor to actually play the game ...[Read More]

And the PlayStation Plus free game of the month is… (February 2018)

Hey PlayStation Plus groupies and welcome to Star Struck Gaming’s pick of the best free game available on PS4 this month. If your hard drive space is limited or don’t want to clutter your dashboard with games you probably won’t play we will pick in our opinion the best game from the PlayStation Plus free games February 2018 to help you out. Rime for PS4 is our Feb 2018 PlayStatio...[Read More]

PS Plus Lineup for February 2018 now announced

With the announcement of Xbox Games with Gold for Feb Sony had to do one better with their PlayStation Plus February 2018 list by smashing that Rocket league Ball to the back of the net with a lineup of games to come right back on top. With January being a long month, the weather looking pretty down, and not many games being released it’s definitely a breath of fresh air to see the PS Plus g...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus – January 2018 Free Games List

With the chill of winter setting in pretty hard, there’s nothing like closing your front door, turning on the box, and curling up on the sofa with a decent game. What’s better is knowing that new game you’re playing didn’t cost you anything but your yearly membership! The PS Plus Jan 2018 games list is here, so get downloading from this week. Although the list for PS Plus m...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus August 2017 games have been revealed! Check this out to see what you’ll be getting

Welcome back dudes and dudettes! I normally post the update for Xbox Games With Gold before I talk about PlayStation Plus freebies, but this month i thought i’d spin things a little with the great lineup of free games coming to the PlayStation in August 2017. Check out the video below or read on to get something a little more detailed about the free games for August. This month PlayStation P...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus Free Games – July 2017

With our Xbox Live Games With Gold list just announced we couldn’t leave you guys out could we!? I’m quite pleased with this month’s lineup of free games, Until Dawn is one I’m really looking to playing – and of course that means a review to follow. Until Dawn, PS4 This PlayStation exclusive follows eight friends who are staying in a rural mountain retreat, oh and did...[Read More]

Playstation Plus Free Games List June 2017

Although we were a little later putting our finger on the button for the PS4 games list, we had a good reason for holding fire. Although there was alleged ‘leaked’ news that PS4 had confirmed it’s free PlayStation plus games for June, we held back to find out whether the listed games were speculation or were indeed coming to our consoles. The good news is this is now on PlayStati...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus Free Games – May 2017

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber then you’ll already know the perks you get as part of your membership, for those a little less familiar, you get a few hand-picked games from PlayStation as a thanks for being a subscriber. PlayStation have broken the silence to announce the games that you’ll be able to get your hands on as of May 2nd – for me personally this month of...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus – April 2017

If you haven’t already downloaded your free games for March, then time is running out to grab em while they’re free. Meanwhile, PlayStation have announced the free games that will be made available to PlayStation Plus members, check out the clip below. In comparison to the Xbox Live Games With gold freebies this month, the PlayStation lineup is a little disappointing. Nevertheless, fre...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus Games – March 2017

Is your PS Plus membership up for renewal? If you’re deciding whether you want to renew or not you might want to check out March 2017’s free games to help sway your decision. You can find out which freebies to expect in the video below. Still not convinced that PlayStation plus is worth renewing? Watch this space for the latest updates and next month’s free games.