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Tusker Commodore 64 Review

Tusker Commodore 64 Review – A Puzzler Ahead Of Its Time

So here we are Star Struck fans we have catapulted ourselves back to 1989 with the use of a delorean and the editors plutonium powered underpants to look at a time when system 3 developers took a brea...

4 Poor

Kids Video Games – Where It all Began – Star Struck Gaming

In the times of the 8-bit generation of gaming there was a level playing field of games from shooters to puzzles and most of these were aimed at the older gamer let’s say 14 and upwards. But on ...

Never Outrun your childhood

So there I am, walking home from work in the baking summer sun thinking what games to play when I get in, when a Ferrari F50 passes by me. It then hit me. Outrun. One of my favourite games of all time...

8 Great

Theme Park Bullfrog Review – the rollercoaster ride of your life

Ready for the ride of your life? We are going back and looking at a game that has spanned across pc, consoles and even onto mobiles; Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Theme Park. Theme Park – the ...

8 Great

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Ghosts N Goblins Commodore 64 Review – Get Your Axe Ready!

Hey guys welcome to another vintage game review, this time we are going all the way back to 1986 when one of the hardest games ever made was ported to the Commodore 64…welcome the world of Capco...

8 Great
final fight sega cd

Final Fight Sega CD Review – A Side-Scroller That Came Outta Nowhere

The Mega CD was a missed opportunity let’s get that out of the way now, hindered and disrupted by in fighting between Sega Japan and Sega of America and some terrible games it was destined to fa...

sega mega drive video games console

Sega Mega Drive Video Games Console Review – Where Sonic Got Real

Welcome to another vintage console review, we have managed to acquire enough plutonium (actually the editors socks as they were the most powerful things we could find) to power up the Star Struck time...

atari jaguar console

Atari Jaguar Console Review – Did The The Leap To 64 Bit Gaming Work?

Hey Star Struck Gaming fans we have thrown the editors underpants into the nuclear reactor and been blasted back to Atari HQ to witness one of the most surprising failures in Console history – t...

sega 32x console

Sega 32X Console Review – The Sega Addon Everybody Needed To Have

It’s January 1995 Electricity crackles through the air and wind whips around the parked trucks a ball of Energy appears and out of it the Star Struck 800 sent back to establish exactly what the hell h...

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