Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Voted one of the best gaming headsets for 2017, the Steelseries Arctis 7 has definitely been the best headset I’ve had the pleasure of using for a while now. Sound One of the most basic features gamers tend to look for when choosing a new headset is typically something that offers swound that immerses you in the game you’re playing. If that sound provides the effects of bullets whistli...[Read More]

Are you an existing Apple TV user? It may be time for a 4K upgrade

Ever wanted to stream your beloved Apple TV apps in 4K? Well you’ll soon be able to. Yesterday evening at it’s brand spanking new underground theatre a.k.a the Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple announced a wealth of new devices available to preorder in the coming months, and one of them will tickle the fancy of new and existing Apple TV customers – yep I’m talking about the revampe...[Read More]

Acer predator 4K Gaming Monitor – is it worth the big bucks?

Having recently built a gaming PC with a fairly high-end graphics card I wanted to get myself a gaming monitor that would live up to my desired graphics capabilities. When selecting my monitor it ideally needed to have 4K capability and I wanted something around 28 inches in screen size. I wanted to go for a refresh rate of 144HZ but this wasn’t too much of a concern for me. Built-in Speaker...[Read More]

Beats Pill Plus – stream gaming audio with no strings attached

Okay okay, this one might not fit into the gaming aspect of our site per se’, but if something has the ability to stream your game audio then why the heck not!? I initially brought the Beats Pill + as a portable speaker that I could take away with me on holiday, but fortunately I’ve found a way to use the speaker for something other than busting moves by the pool. Lightning fast chargi...[Read More]

Considering buying a PS4 Slim? Read this first

Since its launch in 2016 it is pretty safe to say the PlayStation 4 Slim has done pretty well in terms of sales, although it obviously had to contend with the hype of having 4K ability with the PlayStation 4 Pro. I hold my hands up that I didn’t carry out any research whatsoever before purchasing my PS4 Slim, all I knew was it was white and it was slimmer than the original PlayStation 4 console (m...[Read More]

Apple AirPods – putting magic to the test

As with any new pieces of tech I’m always a little sceptical as to whether the price tag lives up to the novelty factor – often the novelty wears off within a few days. Just so you know, I’m writing this honest review with no endorsement incentive (as much as I’d love to be offered the cash), unlike a lot of the reviews that topped Google before I purchased them. An early delivery – yay for me! Wh...[Read More]

Turtle Beach 520 Stealth PS4 headphones – a hands on review

If like me you’re going through a multi-console gaming phase at the moment, by this I mean playing games across Xbox, Ps4 and PC, then you’ll no doubt have realised not every set of headphones works with every console. How easy is setup? I actually swapped to these headphones after buying a set of Turtle Beach 800 Elites because they didn’t require an optical input to function correctly – for thos...[Read More]

8 Gaming Accessories That Will Never Be Forgotten

1. Nes Zapper Okay I may have mentioned Duck Hunt as a game a few times in my SGT lifespan, but the gun that accompanied the addictive game was the Nes Zapper. In comparison to the hardware today there may not be much competition, but in it’s prime the Nes Zapper light gun caught the eye of many young and older gamers alike. Three attachments were released, but by that time there were other consol...[Read More]

Turtle Beach Stealth 420X Headset – Enhance your gaming

It’s often a difficult argument to say what one person may think is great, where someone else may totally hate something in terms of the gaming world. Like Marmite, you’ll either love or hate using a gaming headset – until recently I fell into the latter category but soon turned to love my ear gear. My last gaming headset I had years ago was a pair of wired Turtle Beach ear defenders, they were fo...[Read More]