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A Gears 5 smoking ban is being introduced & affects entire Gears Universe

Unlike the other games in the Gears of War franchise, it appears that Gears 5 smoking will  be removed when the game launches later this year. Not only that, any other titles that follow Gears 5 will ...[Read More]


Gears of War 5 leak promises “the largest Gears world ever”

Gears of War fans will most definitely agree that Gears 5 is high on their wish list as one of the most exciting Xbox One games coming in 2019. A new Gears of War 5 leak has emerged ahead of E3 2019, ...[Read More]


Gears of War 5 release date & cover art is revealed unintentionally in leak

It might not have been intentional but it seems as though a potential Gears of War 5 release date, along with an idea of the game art/packaging may have been leaked. As with any leak, the Gears of War...[Read More]


Gears 5 achievement list is revealed (spoiler free), a month before release!

With less than a month until Gears 5 releases, the game has already gone gold according to Xbox and the Coalition. With this, Xbox felt the need to mark this iconic moment by releasing an entire Gears...[Read More]