best apex legends landing spots

Apex Legends Landing Spots Guide

Like any Battle Royale title, knowing the places to land when you first begin a match is going to give you somewhat of an advantage over other players. KingR...

Apex Legends Roadmap 2019

Much like the reveal last year of the Shadow of The Tomb Raider roadmap from last year, the Apex Legends roadmap gives us a better idea of what to look forward ...

apex legends crashing constantly

Apex Legends Crashing Fixes

It’s no surprise that Apex Legends has run into a few teething problems in the past week since launch, every game has its hiccups to begin with. Whether y...


Apex Legends Attachments List

When fighting to the death in Respawn’s Apex Legends, the character class you choose will go hand in hand with the weapon and attachments you’re usi...

Apex Legends character stats:

Apex Legends Character Stats List

Similar to the likes of Battle Royale title Fortnite, EA’s Apex Legends characters that we know of so far appear to steal the spotlight from the game. It&...

Apex legends EA getting started

Apex Legends Tips and Tactics

If you’ve already contended with the Likes of Fortnite, PUBG, or Cod: Black Ops 4 then you’ll already be familiar with how the Apex legends EA battl...

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The Division 2 Capitol Defender Pack & How To Obtain Preorder Bonuses

The Division 2, this years Ubisoft Tom Clancy instalment, came with many different editions of the game and several preorder bonuses as a result. Among these bo...

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Pokemon Go March 2019 Research Tasks

Last year there were some great new features which were added to Pokemon Go in addition to the release of Pokemon lets Go, and one of the most interesting was t...

pokemon go transfer to let's go

Pokemon Go Transfer To Let’s Go Guide – Here’s Every Step You’ll Need

How Does Pokemon Go Transfer To Let’s Go? With Pokemon Go coming out quite some time ahead of Pokemon let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu the question weR...

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Fast Travel

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fast Travel: Unlocking And Ways To Get Around

Red Dead Redemption 2 fast travel It won’t take too long for you to be asking yourself about Red Dead Redemption 2 fast travel after you’ve taken yo...

Red Dead Redemption 2 File size - cover

Red Dead Redemption 2 File Size Is Now Confirmed, Yep It’s Massive!

Red Dead Redemption 2 File Size – that’s big! It’s no secret that the Red Dead 2 world is going to be pretty explorative at the very minimum, ...

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Anthem Easter Egg, Secrets, and Cheats Guide

As we dig deeper into the release of Anthem, we’ll update this page with all of the Anthem Easter Egg locations, cheat codes and secrets as they are disco...

Anthem cross platform play

Anthem Cross Platform Play Guide

When Anthem launches on February 22nd or readily available for those on the Anthem early access bandwagon, the question many players are asking is whether Anthe...

Anthem early access release

Anthem Early Access Release Guide

If you were one of the players to jump on one of the early Anthem demos, the good news is the Anthem early access release is here right now. The space based sho...

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