Sea Of Thieves Forsaken Shores guide

Sea Of Thieves Forsaken Shores Guide – Devil’s Roar Commendations

The next DLC update to Sea Of Thieves has finally arrived, and its set to deliver one of the biggest updates yet. I guess it should with the update being over 5...

with great power trophy spiderman ps4

A Rare With Great Power Trophy Is Hidden In Spider-Man PS4 – Here It Is

If you’ve already been swinging between buildings in Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 then you’ll be more than familiar with ho easy most trophies are ...

How To Level Up FAST in Assassin’s Creed Origins

Okay I get it, the Assassin’s Creed Origins DLC has been around for a few months now so by no means is it a new game, that’s not to say it isn’...

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playstation 5 hardware specs

PlayStation 5 Hardware Specs – Sony Reveals The Very First Details

The moment we have been awaiting for a good while now has finally come into reality; the PlayStation 5 hardware specs have been revealed – at least the in...


Resident Evil 2 All Unlockables For 4 Quid? That’s A Lot Less Grinding

Whether you’re new to the Resident Evil 2 Remake or already in the thick of it, some good news just dropped that you can get Resident Evil 2 all unlockabl...


Borderlands 3 Release Date & Epic Store Exclusivity CONFIRMED

The Borderlands 3 official announce trailer is here, and with it comes the confirmed Borderlands 3 release date.


Borderlands 3 Release Date Leak Occurs Accidentally Before Deletion

After Borderlands 3 was announced by Gearbox last week there were questions surrounding a release date. Now however there appears to have been a Borderlands 3 r...


Stadia: Why aren’t we excited about innovation?

Last week Google dropped an announcement that they believe, should have blown gamers (as well as developers) minds; but the backlash and skepticism on social me...


Fortnite Stolen Skin – Epic Reply Puts Things Into Perspective (Updated)

Fortnite stolen skin Latest update: Since the below accusation originally went through, going viral amongst Fortnite players and the media, it has come to light...

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Horizon Zero Dawn Review PS4 Pro

Unless you’ve hidden yourself under a virtual rock, then you’ll have heard about how graphically pleasing this game is, but I haven’t personally seen so much ta...


playstation VR Worlds Games Review

Like many of the gamers out there that invested their hard-earned cash into getting a PlayStation VR, I obviously installed the VR demo available from the PlayS...

Murdered Soul Suspect Xbox One Game Review

Let’s start by being completely honest; when it comes to getting free games as part of Xbox Games With Gold your initial thoughts are not always to play t...


Job Simulator VR Review

Before I ventured into the world of the PlayStation VR I had previously seen a few snippets of the Job Simulator title from the HTC Vive – from what I saw I was...


Batman Arkham VR Review PSVR

Do you know what the biggest issue with the PlayStation VR is if you don’t already have one? It’s the fact that there’s nowhere (at present) to actually try the...


The Inpatient The Inpatient Review PSVR

I don’t think there has been a VR game yet that has made me yelp out in sheer terror more than my initial experience of The Inpatient! The wait is finally...

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