Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay Leak-cover

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 Being Spoilt?

Good day starstruck fans and welcome to my thoughts over the current Red Dead Redemption 2 coverage, we all know that we have been waiting 10 years for this gam...

new video games coming out this week - assassin's creed odyssey

Here’s The New Video Games Coming Out This Week October 1 – 7 2018

There are a bunch of new video games coming out this week and the big question is, which ones are they? A lot of the games in this article don’t need any ...

games that came out this week featured

Here’s All Of The Big Games That Came Out This Week Sep 24 – 28 2018

With several surprise announcements this week we’re concentrating on the games that came out this week so they get their moment under the spotlight. There...

fortnite boobs animation featured

Things Go Baps Up In Fortnite Boobs Animation, Epic Apologises

Fortnite season six launched yesterday and things got off to a bouncy start with fans jumping straight onto Twitter to portray their thoughts. Specifically, a m...

PS4 cross play

PS4 Cross-Play Is Now a Reality For Xbox One & Switch Players! At Last!

The day has finally come, we have all been waiting to hear this news for years so this is a huge leap for gamers and developers alike. PS4 cross-play is really ...

egx 2018 games list-phoenix point

EGX 2018 Games List – 6 Titles You’ll Wish You Played At The Show

Now that EGX 2018 has come to a close for another year that leaves us with one more task to wrap things up nicely; rounding up the EGX 2018 games list. It goes ...

new games coming out-banner saga trilogy

Check Out All The New Games Coming Out This Week Sep 17 – 23 2018

we’re rapidly approaching what you’d class as the latter part of the year, any gamer will know this also means there’s a whole new host of new...

battlefield 5 open beta featured

Battlefield 5 Open Beta – Is The Game Going To Be Polished For Release?

So here we go star Struck Gaming fans with the Battlefield 5 open Beta has Dice and EA captured the feel of WW2 in the same way the did with the brilliant Battl...

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