Last chance to grab the 2019 PS4 Cyber Monday deals UK!

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If you’re on the lookout for PS4 Cyber Monday deals, then there’s plenty of bargains still to be had. We’ve seen some impressively generous discounts on both the PS4 Pro and Slim versions of Sony’s console, as well as prices being cut on essential games and even PSVR headsets, so take a look through our summary of the best PS4 Cyber Monday deals right here and see if any of them take your fancy. The best bundle available right now will give you a PS4 Pro with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for just £299, which is an absolute steal. If you don’t want to go full Pro then you can also snap up a PS4 Slim with three exclusive hit games for only £199.99, which will give you hundreds of hours of gaming to tide you over until the launch of the PS5 around this time next year.

Best deal for the 2019 PS4 Cyber Monday deals UK

(Image credit: Sony)

PS4 Pro with COD Modern Warfare | £299 at Amazon (was £349.99)
When you buy this PS4 console you’re essentially getting Modern Warfare for free and getting the Pro for £50 less than RRP. Nice deal.

Hunting down all the PS4 Cyber Monday deals is tricky, as there is a bewildering range of options to choose from. That’s why we’ve spent the last few weeks keeping an eye on all things PlayStation and presenting them to you in this guide. We’re updating it regularly with fresh deals, so you’ll be the first to know if there are new Sony offers to be had. It will pay to bookmark the page, especially if you plan to search for a new console during the Cyber Monday sales.

We’ve got all the best bundle deals at the top of this page, with all the cheapest prices on PS4 games and accessories – like the best PS4 headsets – below that. In all, if you’re looking to go PlayStation and get yourself fully kitted out, there is everything you need right here. And if you need more advice, we’ve got a list of the best PS4 games ever, so you can decide how to start building your game library. Finally, if you need more space to store all your games, be sure to check our guide to PS4 external hard drives, for an affordable way to expand your storage.


PS4 Pro console + Death Stranding Higgs Variant | £299.99 at Amazon
This is the Pro console with the Amazon-exclusive Higgs Variant edition of the game, which gives you a cool box cover designed around Troy Baker’s character.VIEW DEAL

PS4 Slim 500GB PlayStation Hits bundle + Red Dead Redemption 2 + GTA V | £229.99 at Amazon
If you want to get your PlayStation gaming off to the best start possible, then this bundle includes not one, not two, but five great games for an incredible price.VIEW DEAL

PS4 Pro Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Bundle (1TB console + game) | £299 at Amazon (save £50) 
A solid PS4 Pro deal where you’re getting the latest CoD thrown in for free, or you can also add Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 for just £319.99.VIEW DEAL

Sony PS4 Platinum Black wireless headset | £89.99 at Amazon
One of the very best headsets you can get for PS4 offering excellence in audio and compatibility. Make the most of your PS4 with this premium official headset.VIEW DEAL

Best PS4 Pro console deals

If your budget can stretch to it, the PS4 Pro is where you want to invest your cash. It’s the only PS4 able to display games in 4K resolution, and it’s packed with more powerful tech that improves how they look and feel. Check out the widget below to see all the latest, lowest deals.

The PS4 Slim is the ideal entry-level console; it’s affordable, sleek, and plays every current PS4 game in 1080p HD (it also moonlights as a Blu-ray player). Yes, this particular model can’t display games in 4K unlike the PS4 Pro, but it is a whole lot cheaper. If you’re new to PlayStation and/or want a gift in time for Christmas, the Slim is perfect.


Cyber Monday is also a great opportunity to pick up some must-have accessories at a much lower price than normal. That includes headsets, controllers, hard drives, and more. We’ve rounded up the best of them here.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition | £79.95 on Amazon (save £20)
This excellent headset is one of the best out there.
Compatible with: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo SwitchVIEW DEAL

WD My Passport 2TB HDD | £55.99 at Amazon (save £19)
WD is arguably the best when it comes to hard drives, and this one is good value – it’s got plenty of storage.VIEW DEAL


Although a lot of the best Cyber Monday bargains revolve around hardware or accessories, you can also get some excellent game deals if you keep an eye out. We’ve got the ball rolling with the best offers out there right now, and you’ll find these below.

Days Gone | £32.99 at Amazon (save £27)
The PS4’s latest zombie epic drops you in the wilderness with nothing but a bike, your ingenuity, and a horde of monsters at your back. Can you survive in Days Gone?VIEW DEAL

Call of Duty Modern Warfare | £42.99 on Amazon (save £7)
Take on the latest Call of Duty installment, along with first access to Special Ops Survival mode on PS4 and Amazon-exclusive in-game emblem, calling card, and weapon charm.VIEW DEAL

FIFA 20 | £37.99 on Amazon (save £9)
Show off your soccer skills on the pitch and compete in the UEFA champions league, UEFA Europa League and UEFA super cup for the cheapest price we’ve seen for Fifa 20.VIEW DEAL

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