The Division 2 BTSU Data Gloves: how to obtain the new exotic armour

If you finished the main story of Division 2 the likelihood is you’re ready for more action, scouting the get your gear stats to the highest possible stag...


Pokemon Go Jirachi quest steps: A Thousand Year Slumber tasks guide

Everyone who plays Pokemon Go has one end-goal in sight; to fill their Pokedex as much as they can. The Pokemon Go Fest 2019 is just about to draw to a close fr...


Pokemon Go team medallion guide: how to use the item to switch teams

One of the worst aspects of being a current-gen gamer is having to make a choice in any game, especially if you’re indecisive and it means you’re st...

Nintendo Switch Lite Joycons guide: add more to enable rumble & motion

After the Nintendo Switch Lite release date was announced, we’ve learned that the standard Joy-Cons with the console won’t have rumble or motions co...


How to play Fortnite cross platform on PC, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Chances are there is someone you know playing on one platform or another who plays Fortnite, and in many cases it’ll be on a different platform to the one...


Sea of Thieves Wild Rose guide

If you’re yet to complete the Sea of Thieves Wild Rose quest then fortunately it’s one of the shorter quests within the Tall Tales. Although it̵...


Sea of Thieves skull cloud guide

Whether you’re new to Sea of thieves or have been playing for a while now, you’ll almost definitely encounter a Sea of Thieves skull cloud while sai...


Division 2 secret side missions guide

While scouring the Washington D.C map in the Division 2 you’ll have been so busy hammering control points, main missions and other activities you never ev...


Division 2 specialisations unlock guide

After reading this article on the Division 2 specialisations unlock requirements you’ll have a better idea of why they become such a massive part of the D...

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