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How To Level Up FAST in Assassin’s Creed Origins

Okay I get it, the Assassin’s Creed Origins DLC has been around for a few months now so by no means is it a new game, that’s not to say it isn’...

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Apex Legends NPCs Could Be Coming – Dataminers Unearth Game Files

It looks as though we could be seeing a few new Apex Legends additions which include a night mode, new weapons, and Apex legends NPCs. The news comes following evidence that data miners have dug into ...


New Fortnite Vehicle That Resembles The Jurassic World Pod Is Coming

It wasn’t too long ago that Fortnite developers Epic Games revealed that the game would be getting a new fortnite vehicle that would be available in single-player. In a more recent update the de...


Devil May Cry 5 Censored Scene Mystery – Butt Gets Blurred Out On PS4

Launching on Friday Devil May Cry 5 has proven to be a smash-hit among fans, with the majority of reviews coming in as fairly positive. There has, as is often the case with new games been some controv...


Anthem Update 1.0.3 Just Released with Some Very Welcome Changes

It looks as though the devs at BioWare are going to be releasing quite a significant update this evening which can see some very key in-game improvements. The Anthem Update 1.0.3 is set to go live bet...

Battlefield 5 battle royale

Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Clip Reveals Game Weapons & Loot Mechanics

From the depths of EA's website files it seems dataminers have unearthed a video showing extended gameplay. The video gives us a Firestorm tutorial clip giving us a picture of the map and mechanics th...

PS4 remote play iPhone Support Available at Last!

If you’re an avid Apple fan with no intention of moving over to the greener grass (more flexible OS) of Android, then you’ll have needed to wait a while for the PS4 remote play iPhone supp...

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