Pokémon Quest review

A blocky surprise Pokémon Quest is a strange beast. A free download from Nintendo which was announced – rather quietly in my eyes – amongst their E3 2018 presentation amongst other Pokémon announcemen...

8 Great

Super Nintendo Review – The Magic Little Box Of Awesome

It’s star date 11.4.1992 after using our ship the UK SS Enterprise we have managed to sling shot round the sun and arrive at Nintendo HQ as they release their answer to the Sega Megadrive… Nintendo wa...

Enter the Gungeon Review

Puns aplenty You’d be hard to incorrectly guess what part of Enter the Gungeon entails if just went by the title, but just in case – here’s the skinny. Part gun, part dungeon, itR...

9 Amazing

Super Mario Odyssey Review Nintendo Switch – Got Your Cappy Ready?

Super Mario Odyssey certainly lives up to it’s name. My odyssey itself (see what I did there?) is huge with the Mario games but this just blew me away. Super Mario Odyssey – getting hooked...

10 Perfect

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